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The figures of the last decade clearly show that nearly 57% of our society dies of cardiovascular disease. There are many causes associated with heart disease and unnatural blood circulation. However, the most frequently mentioned factors are bad and improperly balanced diet in which fats prevail, sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress and above all, lack of proper prevention. Remember that popular hypertension and atherosclerosis directly translate into advanced heart disease, stroke, or infarction (!).

All these ailments are successfully addressed by medical solutions of the XXI century. The key issue is to take care of prevention. One of the leading solutions in this area are Provinas Patches. A transdermal, innovative method that reduces the likelihood of circulatory diseases by up to 76%.

Provinas Patches – what it is and why are they suitable for you

You know the frequent, harmless symptoms of the onset of disease. Cold, ossified hands, frozen skin, numbness, coughing and dyspnea, dark red swellings, and even painful muscle spasms. These are only the basic unpleasant symptoms known to most of us. Such a delicate sign may indicate a blood circulation problem, which many people have. A disturbed blood circulation causes its weaker flow in essential organs of our body – including the brain. Lack of an adequate oxygen supply also translates into memory problems or a feeling of tiredness.

Provinas Patches are mini patches soaked in active substance extracts. A complex combination of several natural ingredients in a transdermal form results in effective circulation stimulation. Systematic application of the patches translates into even absorption of active ingredients, which restores proper circulation and blood flow.

Transdermal therapy gives the best results

It is taken from the most complex weight loss therapies. Transdermal permeation of active ingredients allows to bypass one liver cycle in comparison with orally taken agents. Thanks to that, Provinas Patches have a proven absorption efficiency of over 87%.

Provinas Patches – unique transdermal formula and its composition

Unlike pills, patches have a single, uniform point of transport for the contents. Their full absorption by the body is 4x faster and nearly 96% more efficient. So, what is hidden in the unique formula of Provinas Patches and how does it affect our cardiovascular system? Below is the composition of Provinas Patches:

  • VITIS VINIFERA FRUIT EXTRACT – vine fruit extract, the strongest antioxidant that strengthens blood vessels. It increases the flow of oxygen also in transverse striated muscles. An additional positive feature of this ingredient is its detoxification effect. Removal of the remaining toxins from the body and improvement of circulation are the main factors delaying the aging process.
  • SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS FRUIT EXTRACT – extract from magnolia vine. In alternative medicine it is known as “Schisandra”, used for over 4000 years. The fruit improves liver function and inhibits morning cortisol ejection. Hepatoprotection, which is characteristic of Schisandra in many countries, helps to fight cardiovascular diseases.
  • CYNARA SCOLYMUS LEAF EXTRACT – artichoke leaf extract. A valuable herbal material of the ancient Mayans. Artichoke leaves in every form supports digestive processes and fat metabolism.
  • ROSA CANINA FRUIT EXTRACT – rosehip extract. This is the most intense form of vitamin C. Wild rose extract is more than 40x higher dose of vitamin C than that of citrus. Wild rose fruit is also an excellent source of carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin B as well as tannins and pectins. Additionally, flavonoids contained in them show anti-inflammatory effects, lower LDL levels, and improve resistance and transport capacity of blood vessels.
  • CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT – camellia leaf extract (green tea). Green tea owes its timelessness to polyphenols and catechin. These are two powerful antioxidants and thermogenesis reactors. In addition to the slimming benefits, green tea oxidizes fat deposits that inhibit basic life functions.
  • CUDRANIA TRICUSPIDATA BARK EXTRACT – extract from kudrania bark. It has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century to fight inflammation and atherosclerotic changes.
  • TERMINALIA ARJUNA BARK EXTRACT – extract from the cortex of the tonsil. The people of Peru call the bark of this tree “the guardian of the heart”. It inhibits the destructive aggregation of platelets in the human body and effectively helps in the fight against free radicals.

This is just the tip of the Provinas Patches’ secret. Each successive patch is rich in vitamins and minerals in the condensed form of a soaked patch. Their micronization made it possible to compare one glued patch per day to take 14 capsules of popular vitamins.

Provinas Patches innovation is clinically proven effectiveness

Research on the highest form of absorption of natural ingredients was undertaken by a research center in Minnesota. There, the initiator of the products for the ailments of the immune system put together a whole cross-section of products in which he included his secret recipe at that time. For comparative research, pills, capsules, soluble pills, drinking oils, creams and Provinas Patches were chosen.

This form of research was inspired by observations of Indian alternative medicine and a love of history. Many centuries ago, instead of drinking infusions, people often wore bamboo leaves on their noses. This caused the most common pain relief, and further human experiments have shown that it also brings relief in other ailments.

A group of 240 people with diagnosed discomfort or a tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases joined the research on the effectiveness of cardiovascular products. The participants were divided into four groups:

  1. taking capsules.
  2. taking rapidly soluble capsules.
  3. using active creams daily.
  4. using one patch of Provinas Patches daily.

What was observed?

The collected and developed test results presented dry statistic data. These allowed to draw quite clear conclusions. Patches – a transdermal method of transporting missing microelements, vitamins and auxiliary ingredients is the best solution for our body(!). The table below shows the percentage advantage of Provinas Patches in only 15 and 30 days.

Atherosclerotic changesReduction of calcium depositsRestoration of normal circulationOverall improvement in physical fitnessNervous pain relief
Provinas Patches-89%94%91,6%97,9%52%

The results went well beyond the estimated range. The results were also thoroughly examined by an independent expert team, including Dr. Wang, a specialist. The patches not only supported the cardiovascular system, prevented the formation of new blockages or deposits, but also showed an intensive improvement in memory and mental comfort. Additionally, after 30 days of appropriate use, people described lack of sluggishness, more willingness to act, better performance on an exercise test and even minimal weight loss.

All the collected results were compared with the placebo group, which simultaneously used products without active or supportive substances. The results of the placebo group were in the range of statistical error that can be ignored.

Scientists recommend the systematic use of Provinas Patches

Zhao Wang“My many years of experience are supported by many expeditions to all corners of the world. Over 30 years of hard work in the laboratory, observations under the microscope and finally, targeted research has allowed for a really substantial output. I owe my love to many friends from Asia, both Americas and Europe, including the surrounding areas. Natural medicine is ubiquitous everywhere and I have found its benefits in various ailments around the world.

Nearly half of the time I spent getting to know new cultures, and even talking to local doctors, wise men, or shamans. Often, the many hours of conversations supported by insightful research turned into new product patents. In this way, several of my compositions became famous for their formula for heel spur, rheumatism, or other popular ailments. The last cooperation resulted in a 7-component Provinas formula.

Preliminary research has clearly shown that our secret recipe was effective. The problem was to deliver such strongly condensed ingredients to the skin. The simplest form seemed to be the pill. However, this form known for decades did not cause any innovation. We managed to 1:1 transfer the composition to the transdermal form, which is almost 4x better.

What were the final results? We thought that we invented the formula exclusively for the prevention of angular embolism, heart, and cardiovascular diseases. As it turned out in many of the examined cases, our product reversed even very advanced ailments. Moreover, in each case platelet aggregation is inhibited. This is just an additional argument that our work has been appreciated not in 100 % but in 300%.

All our products, although there were not many, were successful. Provinas Patches is the best of them. More than 2 million packages sold in China, 140,000 in Southeast Asia and after a month fifty thousand in Europe. Here, after such a good start, we expect success as in China.”

– said Zhao Wang.

Hundreds of people like you have tried and are happy to use Provinas Patches

“I have a big friend. At school age, there were no other problems than being ridiculed by her peers, because she had us – real friends. The problems started with time. After 20 years of age, the problems started to be seen namely blockages, circulation problems and even the risk of atherosclerosis. Several visits to the doctor made Kasia take care of herself. The risk was high, so the actions had to be radical. The solution came as soon as she started using Provinas Patches. Every next visit after a week made the doctor stunned. He congratulated his determination and wanted to know the secret of such a quick recovery. So far, we kept it to ourselves, because we were still a little ashamed of the patches. Yeah… I started using Provinas Patches as a preventive measure. My morphology results are way better.!”

Marta told us in the message , 28.

Conclusion: Be a professional and ensure proper blood circulation

You know how important the immune system is; vein clearness and blood circulation are for health prevention. Diet detox and attempts to reduce fat deposits with the help of purifying teas have little to do with effective action. So, if you are a conscious consumer, who is committed to natural solutions, Provinas Patches are the solution for you.

The affordable and above all universal form of the patches allows for a discreet and effective treatment. Moreover, transdermal absorption of active substances is the most beneficial form of supplying substrates to the body. Provisan Patches is the undisputed winner on the European market. The success and many thousands of sales already in the first days of availability indicate that it has already taken the lead in products for healthy cardiovascular system.

Additional information

Remember not to apply cream, lotion, or other cosmetics in the area where you apply the patch beforehand. The patch must adhere to dry skin, otherwise its function may be impaired, and the transport of the substance may be limited. Wash the skin with soap before use, then dry the surface of the body with a towel. After 3 minutes from applying the Provinas Patches you can perform all daily activities including bathing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where is it best to buy this product at a better price?

The official distributor has limited the sale of patches to online purchases only. This was mainly because this high-quality product does not need innovative advertising and the stationary sales are burdened with a high margin of intermediaries. Use this link to safely buy Provinas Patches: LINK

What is the optimal time to use Provinas Patches?

The relative and optimal time for a full treatment is 30 days. You will feel the effects after just 14 minutes from the first patch application. You can purchase the product in two variants - 15 or 30 patches. According to laboratory tests, the optimal time of application is 30 days, however, the whole treatment is a period of 60 days, which should be followed by a two-month break.

Does Provinas Patches cause allergy or any side effects?

No, the patches have also been clinically tested on high-risk and allergic groups. There have been no studies for the underdeveloped cardiovascular system in children and adolescents, so Provinas Patches should only be used by people over 18 years of age.

Which place on my body is the best to apply Provinas Patches?

In case of blood circulation disorders, it is best to stick the patch along long joints of the main centers. The mere fact that you use the patch each time will lead you to less pain and full health. However, in order to fully exploit the potential of Provinas Patches, stick it on the outside of the thigh, lower abdomen, shoulders or at the wrist.